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In September, the Food and Drug Law Institute held their annual Advertising & Promotion Meeting.Slides from the Social Media panel are available for download on the FDLI website. The slides have some excellent, though-provoking content, and are worth reviewing.

Download Slides:

According to the presentation, the FDA warning letter themes focused on the following:

“•  FDA focusing on testimonials and case studies
–  Typicality
•  Concerned about off label promotion
•  Substantiation is key
•  Balanced, integrated presentation of risks
•  Comparative claims draw more scrutiny
•  Indifferent to the challenges of space constraints”

Trends were identified regarding more emphasis on connecting with HCPs on social media, and the use of internal social platforms. The case studies contained within the slides provided some great examples.

While slides without comment generally create more questions than answers, it is a great start to think about these questions and discuss them within an individual organization.

It would be great to hear comments from conference attendees regarding their takeaways from the program.  Alternatively, if you want to ask questions here, we’ll see if we can get some answers from the presenters.

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